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Developer Of The Ground Breaking

2 Day Knee & Shoulder Non-Surgical Procedure

Hello & Welcome to The Joint & Injury Institute

The Joint & Injury Institute is proud to offer the renowned Trigenics Treatment Procedure for the effective treatment of chronic moderate to severe shoulder and knee pain.

Our Trigenics Treatment Procedure has been so successful in treating these conditions, that our patients often report dramatic pain relief and increased mobility within just 2 visits.

In fact, if we’re unable give provide you with results in just 2 treatments, we will not accept you for care.

So, if you’re suffering from severe shoulder or knee pain, I encourage you to book an appointment with our clinic today to see if you’re a candidate for our care.

Dr. Richard R Shaker, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician /
Trigenics® & Manual Medicine Practitioner

Our Promise To You

Our center is committed to helping our community become
chronic & severe shoulder and knee pain free & living happier lives.

Doctor’s Mission

When you arrive at The Joint & Injury Institute, you will be greeted by our friendly staff  and will be asked to complete your Patient Qualification Intake Form (you can also conveniently complete your Patient Qualification Intake Form online by clicking HERE).

After you have completed your Intake Form, you’ll be introduced to Dr. Richard R Shaker, D.C. where he will take a complete history of your condition, followed by our comprehensive examination to determine if you’re a good candidate for care. Read more..

Dr. Richard R Shaker

Dr. Richard R Shaker has developed the reputation of being able to treat chronic severe shoulder and knee pain sufferers where other practitioners have failed.

In fact, due to the success of his exclusive Trigenics® for severe shoulder and knee pain, he has now recognized as the leading authority in the non-surgical treatment of chronic severe severe shoulder and knee pain.

If you’re presently suffering with severe shoulder and knee pain, have tried other treatment options without success, then you may be a candidate for Dr. Richard R Shaker’s care.

Call today to book your FREE Patient Qualification Assessment today.

Your Treatment Success

During your second appointment, Dr. Richard R Shaker, D.C. will go over you examination findings and any imaging that you may have.  Since much information will be discussed at this appointment, we encourage you to bring your spouse, relative or friend to help you remember all of the information.

One of the reasons why our clinic has a high success rate is due to our 2-Step Qualification Process, so if you have been “Qualified” for care from your initial examination, you will then go to step 2. Read more..

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Dr. Shaker literally gave me my life back!! As a competitive amateur ballroom dancer, I had been sidelined for almost a year due to increasingly agonizing and immobilizing sciatic pain. I had tried traditional chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, acupuncture and pain management injections none of which provided a solution for me. I had even been referred to a neurosurgeon and was so desperate for relief that I was actually considering surgery. Thank goodness I heard about Dr. Shaker before meeting with the surgeon! Under Dr. Shakers care, I was back on the dance floor within weeks, feeling so much better and, once again, enjoying the freedom of movement – pain free. His knowledge of Trigenics, expertise in the body mind connection and experience in treating all types of injuries put him in a league of his own. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone seeking real answers for quick, true and lasting pain relief. Dr. Shaker, you ROCK!!!

Deborah Alberti

For years I experienced pain and numbness in my shoulders, fingers, and legs. After 6 surgeries and spinal decompression I still felt miserable and began to loose faith in medicine and my ability to live an active life. Dr.Shaker was my last hope and he did not fail me. After only a few trigenics treatments my life radically changed and I am now pain free. I cannot thank Dr. Shaker enough for what he has done for me

Daniel Peek

This place is amazing. It is a calming, pleasant atmosphere and the receptionist was so sweet and attentive. Dr. Shaker is so knowledgeable and thorough! I have never been adjusted professionally and I was amazed at all the areas in which I received attention and at the focus problems I didn’t realize needed more attention. I would highly recommend this establishment, especially for women/mothers as we tend to drive on putting our families and duties first.


My wife and I are fortunate and thankful to find a Trigenics Chiropractor in Tampa. We were able to get in to see him right away and were treated very well at his front desk. We were happy with the very positive improvement after the first visit. Trigenics is much more than regular Chiropractic care. He has learned, taught and uses his skill to make huge changes and improvements to your neck, back, hips, arms and legs. I was looking at laser surgery before trying Dr. Shaker. I am continuing treatment with him and I am extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Shaker is very professional. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

Frank Peplinski

I wish I can give my experience at Dr. Shakers office more than 5 stars. One of the best experiences I’ve had at any medical office. Dr. Shaker is extremely welcoming and very educational. Luz is great too at the front desk. I would recommend this office to all of my family and friends.

Hazem Mawajdeh

Dr. Shaker has been a bright light in a dark world. He understands true diagnosis and is not the typical stim and adjust doctor. He takes his time and utilizes the most advanced yet practical treatment possible. The best part is, Dr. Shakers treatments are highly effective. I have referred both friends and family to Dr. Shaker and will continue to do so.

James Goetz

l’ve been going to Shaker spine and sports Institute for two months now and the results are phenomenal. Everyday for 11 years lye been dealing with back issues that eventually lead to other problems with hip, neck and knees. Since my first appointment with Dr. Shaker, all these issues have been resolved and I continue to visit him for monthly maintenance so I dont ever have these problems in the future. I would highly recommend Dr. Shaker for any feet, knees, wrist, hips, shoulder issues. If your thinking of having surgery, or already had a unsuccessful surgery, I would consult this doctor first.

Jeffrey Johnson

I can’t tell you how many chiropractors I’ve been to…well, he is ONE MILLION times better than all of them. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. Literally no words, just a magical touch. He knows EXACTLY what’s going on with your body. Thank you, Dr. Shaker!!!

Jennifer Chisholm

Dr. Shaker lives what he preaches, exhibits top physical condition, is a straight shooter to his patients and a gifted, highly trained clinician. He can pull a recurring “wrench” out of my cervical spine in about 10 minutes.
As a physician myself, I am very impressed. He should have his name in lights outside his office but apparently prefers a low key, word of mouth way of finding patients. Many of his patients are world famous and you would never know it unless you visit his office…

Chris Pittman, M.D.

For years I experienced pain and numbness in my shoulders, fingers, and legs. After 6 surgeries and spinal decompression I still felt miserable and began to loose faith in medicine and my ability to live an active life. Dr.Shaker was my last hope and he did not fail me. After only a few trigenics treatments my life radically changed and I am now pain free. I cannot thank Dr. Shaker enough for what he has done for me.

Daniel Peek

The last two times I went to Dr.shaker I was nearly certain I would need surgery or significant down time. He provided instant relief that I did not think was possible. I sing this man’s praises to anyone that will listen to me.

Scott Peek