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Yes.  The Trigenics Treatment Procedure is an advanced treatment procedure that can provide incredible results and   has truly revolutionized the way chronic & severe shoulder and knee pain is being treated.

No it’s not necessary.  However, those of our patients that have significant joint damage continue to come for periodic treatments — more for preventative measure so that they can maintain their active lifestyle.

The decision is, of course, up to you.

Treatment is fairly painless.   Discomfort that our patients feel is of course dependent on your pain threshold and the amount of damage within your joint.

we don’t accept insurance, were out of network providers.

We do not guarantee results.

Trigenics is the most comprehensive and advanced manual non-surgical treatment protocol that has ever been developed today and due to our multifaceted approach and precision, Dr. Richard Shaker is able to deliver unprecedented results within just 2 visits.

Having said this, we have obtained our high success rate because we are very selective as to who we accept as a candidate for our care. If you have been approved for care by Dr. Richard Shaker, this means that we feel that you have a very high probability of recover.

In order to maintain our high level of success, we are highly selective in the patients that we accept for our Trigenics Procedures.  As such, there’s a chance that you may not qualify for our care.

If this is the case, then we’ll refer you to a health care practitioner that is better suited for your condition.


Although there are trained Trigenists’ practicing around the world, the Trigenics treatment procedures are very complex and require several hundred hours of training.

As such, there are very few doctors that are trained in this advanced treatment protocol.

The Trigenics Treatment Tool is an integral part of treatment and it aids in the accelerated recovery of your condition.

The use of the Trigenics Treatment Tool is quite painless but of course discomfort levels are subjective and it’s dependent upon your pain threshold and the extent of your condition.

If you’re a candidate for the Trigenics Procedure, we advice that you suspend treatments with any other health care practitioner as they may have a negative impact on your treatment outcome.

However after your Trigenics Procedure, if you’d like to continue with your previous practitioner (e.g. chiropractor, RMT, etc.) for overall preventative health reasons, we fully support this.