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Treatment/Qualification Visit

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Treatment Qualification Appointment

During your second appointment, Dr. Richard R Shaker, D.C. will go over you examination findings and any imaging that you may have.  Since much information will be discussed at this appointment, we encourage you to bring your spouse, relative or friend to help you remember all of the information.

One of the reasons why our clinic has a high success rate is due to our 2-Step Qualification Process, so if you have been “Qualified” for care from your initial examination, you will then go to step 2.

In Step 2 of your qualification process, Dr. Richard R Shaker, D.C. will then perform 1-2 Trigenics® treatments on you to ensure that your joint responds to care.

During these 2 treatments, you should experience a dramatic reduction in pain and greater mobility.

If this is the case for you, Dr. Richard R Shaker, D.C. will then officially qualify you for care.

creased mobility!

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