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Why Choose Us

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The Joint & Injury Institute is now providing the community of Tampa and surrounding areas with the renowned Trigenics Non-Surgical Knee & Shoulder Operation.

Most of our patients suffer from severe chronic knee & shoulder pain and have previously tried several other treatments with little to no benefits and are now left frustrated and still in pain.

We understand your frustration and that you just want to regain the life you used to have.

Our high success rate not only is due to our advanced Trigenics® Non-Surgical Operation but also because we have a 2-Step Qualification Process.

In fact, if we cannot provide you with results within the first 1-2 treatments
will not accept you for care.

We are very selective.

So if you’ve been accepted for care after our 2-Step Qualification Process, you can anticipate having a high probability of success so that you can live again without the pain.

About Our Treatments

Our clinic addresses these components using a precise multifaceted approach to provide you not only with thorough care, but to provide you with lasting long term results so that you can enjoy the life that you’re meant to.

Using the most advanced Non-Surgical remodeling treatment technology on the market, you can experience significant pain reduction within as little as just a few visits.

We Are Revolutionizing The Way chronic & severe,

Shoulder and knee pain Sufferers Are Being Treated!